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Visit to Kantip…

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Visit to Kantipur FM

By Logan Williams and Nimu Nepche

21 January 2012

Logan D.A Williams is a Personal Passage student who is currently interning at Tilganga Eye Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is her second visit. She is currently enrolled in a social science program called Science and Technology Studies. As a graduate student in this program, she is interested in studying the power structures that enable and constrain innovation and social entrepreneurship by non-governmental organisations working on the issue of avoidable blindness. 

Nimu Nepche is a relative of the home stay family that is hosting Logan here in Kathmandu. Below is an account of their visit to Kantipur FM, a leading FM station in Nepal.

Logan Williams and Nimu Nepche had the opportunity to visit Kantipur FM in Patan with Yanik Shrestha on Wednesday, December 14, 2011.

Logan and Nimu wanted to visit Kantipur FM because we both like music, and we wanted to learn more about how a radio station works. Nimu’s favorites include love songs that are in the rock and pop genres of music. Some of her favorite musicians are Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias; Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan; Bengali singer Shreya Ghoshal; and the Nepali rock band Mantra band. Logan’s favorite music is not genre specific, she enjoys rock, pop, rhythm & blues, hip-hop, and classical, etc. However, she particularly enjoys movie soundtracks for science fiction and action-adventure movies, e.g. rock and pop compilations such as The Punisher (2004), Spider Man (2002), Spider Man 2 (2004); and more classical compositions such as Brian Tyler’s Children of Dune (2003); Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring (2001); Hans Zimmer’s Inception (2010); John Williams’ Star Wars IV, V and VI (1977, 1980, 1983), Home Alone (1990) and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001). Logan also really likes Christian rock and so does Nimu. Previously, Logan has volunteered for Way FM Denver (a Christian radio station in Longmont, Colorado, USA) but she has never had a chance to ask questions about how a radio station works.

Kantipur FM is part of the Kantipur media group. The Kantipur FM radio station and the Kantipur television station are located in the same building in Pulchowk, Jawalakhel, Patan, Kathmandu. It is easy to find on account of all of the antennas!


Yanik Shrestha and Tsering Choden (at Passage International) both have contacts from their former careers in radio; thus they were able to ask station manager Prabhat Rimal if we could visit. Prabhat was kind enough to give us a tour of the station.

The most surprising thing that Nimu learned was that Kantipur FM has a CD library; this library was fully-stocked with hundreds if not thousands of CDs. All of these CDs are merely back ups for their digitally stored collection of music.


The station manager Prabhat also explained that the RJs (Radio Jockeys) come to the library to choose the music for their show. The most interesting thing that Nimu learned was about how the RJ sits in a small booth for the On-Air show. Nimu sits in a similar booth in this picture.


The most interesting thing that Logan learned was that Kantipur FM plays music all over Nepal and also online (for those Nepali and other listeners who are away from Nepal). Look at this map in the Kantipur FM marketing office! 


The most surprising thing that Logan learned was how such a small staff can work so well together to cover such a large area as Nepal in four languages (Nepali, English, Newari, Maithali).

Prabhat says that they alone among Nepali radio stations pay some sort of royalty to the Nepali musicians (as this is not required or regulated by the interim government of Nepal). They pay the artist a few rupees per song every time the song is played on the air. Kantipur FM depends upon advertising to get the money to run the station and pay the staff and the artists.

Our visit to Kantipur FM was full of interesting and sometimes surprising information. We enjoyed learning from Prabhat and meeting some of the staff.







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